chill dj


Everybody loves the great outdoors. There is something amazing about breathing fresh air that makes you want to dance and sing your heart out. This is the essence of why a lot of music festivals are successful. They combine the best of both worlds: music and being outdoors.

This might introduce a new concept: making a club that has chill DJ mix vibes while being outdoors.

If you are someone who is a fan of the chill club vibe, you might find yourself as a DJ in that kind of space. I recently went to one in Hong Kong and it was an awesome experience. One of the things that I noticed is that special attention must be taken in order to establish a low key mix that will give a very relaxed vibe. This post will relate some of the things that I have been thinking about in relation to the laid back mix and the vibe.

Use your tools available to you

Reverb and ambience

One of the best tools that is available in your bag as a DJ is the ability to add effects to your music that you are playing. Also, you can think about choosing songs that have effects. Anyway, having space in your music and letting it breathe and have air is a great way to make sure that your music has a very chill and relaxed vibe. In this case, you should make sure that you are selecting tunes that contain a lot of reverb. The reverb will allow your music to breathe naturally and put your in a space that is almost like being underwater. This is extremely powerful because breathing will establish that laid back ambience that you are trying to achieve. Another thing to try that is very closely related to reverb is delay. You can select tunes with delay or have a trippy laid back vibe by applying delay to tunes that already exist.

Making the setting realistic

If you have an outdoor space that you own (for example a small tract of land or a park in the city), you will need to cultivate your vibe with the decor. For example, if you have trees, you can use that to your advantage. However, you might have too many trees and may need a licensed and insured company with integrity to make sure your trees are cleared properly. This can be especially helpful if you are trying to take out dying or leaning trees or need to hire help to remove big branches.

Ultimately, the music and the decoration are what make the vibe. The chillness factor is up to you. Good luck!



herbie sunlight


While it is very easy to rave about new albums that are coming out, it can also be similarly easy to overlook some great albums in the past. One of these albums is the late 1970s funk and fusion record by jazz pianist and musical genius Herbie Hancock. This record was released right in the golden era of funk and R&B. What is more, it has found new life in some great hip hop records through sampling (check out Fantastic Vol. 2 by Slum Village to see what I mean). This article will discuss some of the tracks on this iconic record and show how some of its influence has lived on in music.

Hot tracks

I Thought it was You

The first track of this record is undeniably what some would call a “banger.” The beginning lick that Herbie plays on the Rhodes electric piano suddenly drops the listener right into a groovy disco-funk beat that will immediately give the listener an urge to dance. Then, the vocals come in, which happens to be Herbie Hancock singing through a vocoder. This means of singing happens to be a reoccurring theme on the record and has had influences on many artists, such as saxophonist Casey Benjamin (Robert Glasper Experiment).


The title track of this record also delivers all sorts of funk goodness, featuring a smooth and funky backbeat with classic Herbie Hancock licks along with some incredibly groovy bass, synthesizers and horns. This track should definitely not be skipped over!