New music is usually pretty great. The new Kendrick Lamar record that was released last week was insanely lit. Upon listening to it, I was thinking about all of the things that went into influencing this record. Obviously, some of the tracks, such as Untitled 5 and 6 have an incredible amount of jazz and soul influence. In dwelling on this influence, I was brought back to some of the jazz records that I love. There are a lot of them, but one that has been on my head lately is Joe Henderson’s record entitled “Tetragon.”



This record features a stacked lineup of monster jazz musicians. Joe Henderson, who is a legend in his own right, holds down the tenor saxophone. Kenny Barron, who to this day is still swinging as ever, takes up the piano chair in addition to Don Freeman. Two of the world’s best drummers, Louis Hayes and Jack Dejohnette, are on the drums and cymbals. Finally, the man himself, Ron Carter fills out the rhythm section. The quartet format of this record allows for each instrument’s voice to be heard clearly and concisely.


The first track is a standard written by Bronislaw Kaper entitled “Invitation.” There have been plenty of bands that have played and recorded this tune, but not quite like this. The slow, swinging tempo is soft but intense. In addition to a host of other great tracks, makes sure to check out the last track, which is another standard entitled “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.”


Hold on to your britches folks, shit just got really real really quickly.

Kendrick Lamar drops new album

The one and only Kendrick Lamar has just released a brand new album called untitled unmastered, a collection of untitled tracks referred to only by dates – whether they’re dates recorded or dates performed, we may never know – and it’s awesome. Here’s the story of how it went down: Lamar had at least two performances on late night television recently where he played untitled and never-before-heard tracks, one on “The Colbert Report” and another on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Then he performed another one at the Grammy’s just last week, which was a huge hit with critics, fans, and viewers of the show.

The performance at the Grammy’s was so good, in fact, that he got LeBron James all over his case on twitter, begging Lamar to release the new tracks. Lamar tweeted back, ““Dam my nigga u on my head 2…The fans been killing me. Y’all just backed me in a corner..Give me a few days 2 think.”

And now: Kendrick has released a new album, with 8 tracks, five of which are brand new and have never been heard in public before. This album is incredible, but don’t just take us at our word: the album is available at all the usual places like iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, and Spotify. Do yourself a favor and go listen to these tracks right now, before anyone has the chance to ruin them for you before you get a first listen. Whether you’re a fan of Lamar or not, we promise you won’t be disappointed.