About Pfna

Parafernalia (Pfna for short) was started by a group of five friends who met in college and fell in love with each other’s taste in music.

It began when the five of us all ended up in a music theory class together. None of us had ever met any of the others before, but we were all assigned to work on a project together in the class, which led to our introductions. One of the very first assignments for the project was for each person to bring in a playlist of our favorite songs and share them with our group members. This exercise ended up bringing us all incredibly close, as we realized that we all had a deep love and appreciation of music, even though our tastes were all wildly different and new to each other.

As a result of that project, we ended up beginning this website to share our favorite mixes and talk about our favorite new music being released. It’s so hard to find real websites these days that aren’t run by algorithms. You’ll find none of the automatically generated content here: each blog post is written by a human being, and every musical suggestion you’ll find here has been provided and vetted by actual human beings. We can make no guarantees that you’ll like what you find here, only that one of the five of us deemed every piece of content somehow important, affecting, fun, or necessary in some way.

We hope you’ll find something you like. And if you do, be sure to let us know!