Sunlight – Herbie Hancock

herbie sunlight


While it is very easy to rave about new albums that are coming out, it can also be similarly easy to overlook some great albums in the past. One of these albums is the late 1970s funk and fusion record by jazz pianist and musical genius Herbie Hancock. This record was released right in the golden era of funk and R&B. What is more, it has found new life in some great hip hop records through sampling (check out Fantastic Vol. 2 by Slum Village to see what I mean). This article will discuss some of the tracks on this iconic record and show how some of its influence has lived on in music.

Hot tracks

I Thought it was You

The first track of this record is undeniably what some would call a “banger.” The beginning lick that Herbie plays on the Rhodes electric piano suddenly drops the listener right into a groovy disco-funk beat that will immediately give the listener an urge to dance. Then, the vocals come in, which happens to be Herbie Hancock singing through a vocoder. This means of singing happens to be a reoccurring theme on the record and has had influences on many artists, such as saxophonist Casey Benjamin (Robert Glasper Experiment).


The title track of this record also delivers all sorts of funk goodness, featuring a smooth and funky backbeat with classic Herbie Hancock licks along with some incredibly groovy bass, synthesizers and horns. This track should definitely not be skipped over!

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