Georgia Music Celebrity Death Sparks Controversy



Some Georgia cemeteries are the burial places of incredibly famous people. For example, James Brown, the incredible funk and soul frontman and entertainer, is buried in the Peach State.

Oftentimes when celebrities die, they choose to be buried in their birthplace or somewhere in their home state. The death of a Georgia born celebrity has recently sparked some controversy over burial in cemetery grounds. Recently, the celebrity’s wishes to be buried in his hometown in Georgia were made known (he died in Los Angeles, California) to the family as well as the public. However, there is one slight problem, and that is that the cemetery which the deceased desires to be buried in is completely full.

A town divided

The controversy has stemmed from the following dilemma: should the cemetery deny all incoming requests for burial, or should they find a way to expand in order to accommodate the influx of burial requests? Many public officials and citizens are very divided over the issue.


One of the advantages of keeping the cemetery small is that the small feeling and quaintness can be preserved. This is a very important advantage for many town members, who have striven to maintain the Old South feel that the town has. Additionally, new intake to the cemetery would reduce the historical value of the cemetery, diminishing the overall historical value of a town rich with Civil War and early American history.


One advantage of honoring new burial requests would be that the cemetery would be maintaining their revenue. This is also an important thing to consider because constant revenue can help pay for the upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery. Without this money, more stress could be placed on the the taxpayer (namely town residents) in order to compensate for losses in revenue.

How would they do it?

Some are very unsure about how to move forward if the cemetery does decide to honor new burial requests. For example, would the cemetery somehow attempt to purchase more land, or would they try to rearrange the property they already have? Some have suggested taking out the old grove in the center of the cemetery. Of course, this would entail hiring a Georgia licensed and insured arbor company to get the job done. This could potentially be expensive or more money that it is worth. Others have viewed this as possible upkeep in order to take out dying trees. Still other town council members have been wondering if they should get a root injection.

Ultimately, the controversy has not been solved, so make sure you stay tuned!

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