DJing Throwback




Sometimes the market gets saturated with DJs constantly trying to come up with new and inventive ways to mix music. Blazing a trail forward is great, but a very easy trap that a lot of DJs fall into is overthinking their mix. This usually plays out in new mixes sounding too futuristic or too artsy and losing their audience. However, there is a great way to capture your audience with something fresh in a market that has gone stale. Don’t look forward; instead, look back.

Go back to the golden eras

Why not go with tunes that have stood the test of time and are classics? This is the best way to make sure that your audience will love what you are spinning–give them something that they have heard before! Being able to relate to the music and singing along is a sure fire way to get your crowd hyped up. There are a few genres to look into when DJing throwback tunes, and I have included some below for your consideration.

1970s funk

There is no question about it. If you want your club to burn down to the ground, make sure to play some dirty 70s funk. For example, warm them up with some Stevie Wonder and then take them to groove town with some Maze.

1980s anthems

If you want your audience to sing along, make sure to include some of the greatest 1980s throwback tunes. Some David Bowie, Queen, or The Cure is a good bet.

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