How green is the I Phone 7

iphone-7-conceptWith Apple recent dedication to going green one can only wonder how green the mega corporation really is.

Planned Obsolescence

Fall is right around the corner and with it comes Apple’s ripened new fruit: the I Phone 7. Like the previous models before it is set to have the standard features such as the 5 and 12, front and back megapixel cameras; Along with the newest of ISO. But, as reports of a leaked of an I phone 7 case suggest that the company is ditching the headphone jack for the lighting port. The suspected reason could be that Apple is going for a lighter build, while opting that consumer go for wireless headsets or an unreleased brand of apple headphones that are lighting port compatible. Dispute the reason if the rumor are indeed true then the dent in customer’s  pockets will be nothing compared to the amount of  waste produced from thrown out headphones.

Going green

Despite there model of planned obsolescence Apple has indeed been making strives to become more Eco friendly over the years. By shifting to bpr free plastics and investing in renewable energy sources. Almost all apple store use renewable power source and will take back any apple product free of charge. Reducing the need for tree services all apple gift cards are printed on 100% recycle-able paper. Not to say apple does not value excellent lawn care. But, with there clean water program it looks like apple really is out to save the earth.

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