Lady Gaga Joins American Horror Story S6

Some of you might be wondering why we’re even covering any news related to Lady Gaga on a site that claims to be a haven for people who love good music, but bear with us here: Lady Gag’s music is better than you think (or, alternatively, you don’t need to ashamed about liking her music if you already know how great it is).

Pop music done right

The thing about Lady Gaga’s music is that it has also been about taking complex lyrics and melding it with beats and sounds that are at once new and old, popular and avante garde, and Gaga has been masterful at the execution of her music. While some may balk at many of her politics – at least three of us writing here at Parafernalia among them – she’s also been extremely vocal about a lot of controversial topics, both in and outside of her music.

So, yes – we’re gonna give you some updates on what she’s doing, because we’re sure it will inform the direction her music takes. Especially once you find out what she’s doing…

Gaga sticks with television for another year

That’s right, the priestess of pop is sticking with the silver screen instead of making new music for another year. After having a very good time on her first season of anthology horror show¬†American Horro Story,¬† Gaga will rejoin the cast of the next season. We’re hoping that this gig will help refuel her creative juices musically, so that she’ll have lots of new material to write about when she wraps filming for the next series.

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